places to visit in uruguay

5 places to visit in Uruguay

Today we have a special guest, Frank Lee from Rebates Zone shares with us the 5 places to visit in Uruguay.

Uruguay lives in the shadow of two giants as its neighbors in the form of Argentina and Brazil and that’s understandable given that it is one of the smallest countries in South America. However, it is still a great place for travelers who know what they’re looking for. One can go visit long stretches of untouched beaches away from the humdrum of everyday life or choose an upscale beach resort; both these options are available throughout the year.

It has often been seen that the visitors who ignored Uruguay because of its size as compared to its neighbors and other Spanish speaking countries regret this later when they find out about the great beaches they’ve been missing for so long along with the historical colonial cities. Apart from being such a unique country, the people of Uruguay are also very warm and welcoming which makes the entire trip very worthwhile.

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is perhaps the oldest city in Uruguay. The city has a very long history which is still visible in its streets and traditional buildings. Even though the city is just opposite to the buzzing life of Buenos Aires, the difference cannot be more pronounced. The old streets act as a bridge between the old and the new and take you to a time when life must’ve been very different.

The architecture from the last few centuries is a mix between Portuguese and Spanish along with a sprinkling from Uruguay’s own architects. As the city exists right next to the riverside, one can easily catch a beautiful glimpse of the entire town by going on top of the lighthouse. The historic quarter of the city has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There are a lot of street vendors in the city who’re selling souvenirs to the visitors, if you’re interested in shopping from Uruguay then you should get a sturdy bag to carry your things and the souvenirs.


Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. It is also the largest city in the country however it has a laid back environment as compared to other capital cities in the world and this applies to even the busiest areas of the city. The streets are very quiet and no one ever seems to be in a hurry. The entire city is filled with beautiful European architecture consisting of elegant churches from the colonial era.

Uruguay is the world’s largest consumer of beef per capita and Montevideo is the city which offers some of the best steaks ever. Mercado del Puerto or the atmospheric market of Montevideo is one of the world’s best places to try the steak.

places to visit in uruguay

Montevideo & Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)

Punta del Este

Even though Uruguay as a whole is a low-key country, Punta del Este has established itself as a city with a flashy reputation in just a few years and now it is considered as perhaps the most famous beach resort town in South America. The city has been attracting the world’s elite because of its glitzy nightlife and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. There is also an endless stream of bars, cafes, and restaurants which add to the attraction of the city. Everyone visiting the country should have this on his list of places to visit in Uruguay.

The Rocha Coast

Not everyone has an affinity with city life, in fact, more and more people are heading out of urban centers when traveling as the difference between the lives of modern cities, anywhere in the world, is very less which really defeats the purpose of venturing out into unknown territories. The Rocha Coast is one of the lesser developed areas of Uruguay which has a fishing town without electricity which makes it a great place for someone who really wants to relax for a while and spend time away from the modern life. La Pedrera, another town in the Rocha Coast, is another laidback area which is great for anyone who intends to learn surfing as it gets some of the most amazing waves.

places to visit in uruguay

Punta del Este & The Rocha Coast (Uruguay)


Piriapolis offers great beaches, very similar to Punta del Este, while also maintaining a semblance of serenity not offered by its more popular cousins. Uruguay is generally a flat country but Piriapolis features a mountain, Sugar Loaf Mountain, which provides a great view of the coastline and the landscape. There is another smaller mountain too which is accessible by a chairlift too. Anyone who’s in Uruguay for serenity and tranquility must see Piriapolis.

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places to visit in uruguay

Piriapolis & just Uruguay

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